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Digital strategies in the camping industry


Improve your customer experience

With the automation of your processes, your customers will have more time to enjoy your facilities.

Clients will be able to pay for their purchases, and sign agreements easily online on their computer, tablet or phone.

Your clients already use digital services in their daily life.  They will already be comfortable with your automated services.


Optimization of business processes and performance indicators.

Improve your occupancy rate with the help of the right tools that will reduce turnaround times.

Process optimization: Seasonal campsites that are automatically put up for rent in real-time can considerably increase your occupancy rate.

Send automated reminders to all your customers and be alerted when renewal deadlines are about to expire.

Performance Indicators: The right use of key performance indicators will allow you to track progress towards your goals in real time using key data points. Performance indicators are also very useful for studying your financial progress at every stage of your season.

Improving your employees performance: Your employees will now be able to focus on more specialized tasks to ensure that your goals are being met.

Add virtual employees to your team:   With our digital tools and our call center, staff shortage won’t be a headache anymore.


Electronic Signature and Online Payment.

The renewal process is automated and will be triggered by a date set in your dashboard.

Automated contract reminders will be sent to your customers, including an alert for upcoming renewal deadlines.

Your customers and your staff will comply with physical distancing rules required by the Covid-19 fight. Your clients can complete their rental agreement and payment in the comfort of their home or sitting at the campfire.

The camping season is short, and we want your customers to enjoy the sunshine instead of waiting at the counter to sign papers and complete payments

We use recognized and proven technologies for authenticating and authorizing the users, as well as for maintaining the availability, the integrity and confidentiality of the transactions and data.


Adaptive Technology

Our applications are designed for any users. Whether your employees are experts or beginners, they will be able to navigate easily in the application and maximize your business performance.

These technologies are cross-platform and do not require additional configuration. Online tutorials are available, and our call center agents can provide further guidance.

New campground operators onboarding, data integration and technical support is included and free of charge. The call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our call center is available in English and French and covers all Canadian provinces.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to make camping hassle-free, at no extra cost to seasonal campers. We are committed to providing high quality services to campground operators.

Company Vision

Connect digitally seasonal campers and campground operators for optimal results.

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